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The Best Bundles In Turkey

Planning your next getaway and don’t want to stay in a regular ' Sun, beach, sea' situation but to combine all these elements with an expert 'learning experience'. At our beautiful, Summer House Akbel TURKEY, located on the Turquiose Coast we offer both rentals/lets and especially tailored courses ,we can offer you an ideal solution! At The Summer House Akbel Turkey, we have perfect solutions for your requirements.We are located in both Turkey and London UK, both Turkish and English are spoken. You can contact us on ; UK + 44 07508369312 to make an equiry or book.

We Keep Our Clients Satisfied

We can proudly say that our past clients are satisfied with the services we offer and have found our homes clean and well-kept. We strive to keep our rentals in impeccable condition. Most of our holiday homes will include the usual necessities, but all are as advertised. If you have other concerns, our friendly staff will be more than happy to address them.

Why get a holiday rental home

Short-term getaways provide an ideal environment for you to unwind, relax and rest when away from work for a short period. Not all holiday accommodations provide that kind of comfort – hotels and other holiday housing may not have the serenity a private holiday rental comes with. For those who love having a private space, short-term rental homes are the best choice to maximise your holiday experience. Don't worry about how to find one – we’ve got your back.


24/7 availability
Free consultation
Parking available
Accept debit/credit cards
Wifi on the premises
Debit & Credit cards accepted
Spoken languages:
English, Turkish


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All services
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Holiday Home

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